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Universal Travel Power Converter Worldwide All in One AC Power Plug International Wall Charger

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Do you have those similar experiences ?

You have to take many adapters only want to meet different standards when you go abroad for travel or work , and those boring adapter occupied most space of your suitcase ?If you are worried about your device's safe when you use a Non original adater ? When you want to charge several devices at the same time,and you found the socket is not enough , now Joomfeen international adapter can help you solve all above problems. you can see this as below

1. One adapter met 150countrys standard, UK/US/EU/AUS plugs

2. Buit-in-fuse , two fuses inside to protect your devices during charging

3. 4 USB with 5V 3500mA,charge fast and can accept,

4 Devices charge at the same time, if you add the socket ,

5 Devices can be accepted

You can get more detail about International Adapter in this page



Size of internaltional adapter: 2.5inch*2inch*2.1inch

Size of adapter with gift pouch:3inch *2.4inch*2.5inch

Net weight :110g , Gross weight :134g

AC Power :Current : 6.3A , Voltage : 100-240V 50/60HZ

Max . 660W at 110V ,1380W at 230V

4 USB Output :5V Max Current :3.5A

What’s in the box




You can find most countries it can use in this page

Type A-US

American Samoa / Antigua and Barbuda / Aruba / Bahamas / Barbados / Belize / Bermuda / Brazil / Canada / Cayman Islands / Colombia / Costa Rica Cuba / Ecuador / El Salvador / Guam / Guatemala / Haiti / Honduras / Jamaica / Japan / Liberia / Mexico / Micronesia / Montserrat / Nicaragua / Okinawa / Panama / Peru / Philippines / Puerto Rico / Saint Kitts & Nevis / Saudi Arabia / Tahiti / Taiwan / Thailand / Trinidad and Tobago /USA/ Venezuela / Virgin Islands

Type I-AUS

Argentina / Australia / China (mainland, excluding Taiwan) / Fiji / New Zealand / Papua New Guinea / Tokelau (Union Islands) / Uruguay/Austria/ Albania/ Belgium / Bosnia-Herzegovina / Bulgaria / Croatia / Cyprus / Czech Republic / Denmark / Estonia / Finland / France / German/Greece

Type F - EURO

Hungary / Iceland / India / Italy/Latvia / Lithuania / Luxembourg / Macedonia / Montenegro / Norway Netherlands / Poland / Portugal / Romania / Serbia / Spain / Slovakia / Slovenia / Sweden / Turkey / Ukraine

Type G-UK

Bahrain / Belize / Botswana / Brunei / Cyprus / Dominica / England / Ghana / Gibraltar / Grenada / Hong Kong / Iraq / Ireland / Kenya / Macau / Malta / Malaysia / Nigeria / Nothern Ireland / Oman / Qatar / Saint Lucia / Saint Vincent / Saudi Arabia / Scotland / Singapore / Sri Lanka / Tanzania / Uganda / United Arab Emirates / the United Kingdom (UK)/Wales / Yemen / Zimbabwe

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Great product. Good build and well made

Great product. Good build and well made, not cheap plastic as some similar products. A must for travellers. Highly recommended.

Madison P

Great Quality

I am so excited about this. We have an upcoming out of country trip and this is so perfect and compact! Such nice quality and works great!

Varun Bangalore

Handy travel adapter

Small travel adapter supports all international input pins and all type adapters. Has 4 USB ports and supports upto 240v input. Built with nice plastic.

Amazon Customer

but it works great at home

Arrived on time!e. Product delivered is as advertised. I have not tried it on the road yet, but it works great at home. The 4 USB ports will simplify what components I need to bring with me. Overall, I am pleased with my purchase.This travel adapter works great on charging multiple devices. I am able to charge with the standard plug & usb at same time. It comes with a fancy leather carriying case. very nice.


Let's Go Traveling!

My wife and I travel overseas, specifically China, quite often for work and are always forgetting or losing our travel adapters. This one works perfectly! What I really like about it is that I am able to charge my laptop AND my iPhone and iPad at the same time. The design is quite clever. And with four ports for USB connections, charging multiple items at the same time is vital. Lastly, my wife really likes it because she can use her hair dryer and straightener when getting ready in the mornings. Kudos to a great product!

Justin H.

Great travel kit for your devices in a small, well designed, sin

Worked like I needed it to! Must have for international travel.<br /> I see a lot of people mixing up the word "converter" with items like this. This is not a converter, it's simply an "adapter" It's not converting 240 to 120, so be sure that you only use items rated for both 120/240 50/60hz and you won't have a problem. Cell phones, laptops, tablets, etc. are typically all dual voltage. I also purchased some standard plugs that gave my wife the ability to use her dual voltage flat iron and hair dryer while abroad. We spent two weeks in Europe and didn't need an expensive "converter" for anything.<br /> Travel safe!

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Universal Travel Power Converter Worldwide All in One AC Power Plug International Wall Charger

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